Shopping from Canada? You should know that...

Early Birds is proud to be an all-canadian company, serving the Canadian muscle car enthusiasts for over 20 years.

A number of Customers have recently raised some questions regarding our canadian pricing policy, particularly the difference between our US and Canadian prices being beyond the current exchange rate between US and Canadian dollar.

Unfortunately, due to Government of Canada regulations, our Canadian pricing policy must reflect more than just the exchange rate.

As most of you are aware, the vast majority of parts we carry are manufactured in Taiwan and imported through the US. Early Birds strives to secure the most competitive pricing on the behalf of our Canadian customers, however thanks to our government, we are subject to cross-border brokerage fees and shipping/freight charges like everyone else.

Those who shop for parts across the border know that while the pricing may seem attractive at first, by the time an item arrives at a Canadian household there are some extra fees that apply.

Extra Shipping Charges - your shipping is paid for to the border only. Full retail shipping charge applies from the border to the Canadian destination.

Full Brokerage Fees also apply to your order when buying across the border.

To illustrate the above, a typical purchase of US$100 from a US-based vendor can easily translate into $155 to $165 CAD by the time it reaches a Canadian address.

Furthermore, should your parts be defective, ill-fitting or simply not the right ones and needing to be returned, same extra charges apply to returns. Purchasing with Early Birds eliminates the burden of paperwork and extra costs - if an item purchased from us need to be returned, we'll take it back. Some conditions apply as per our Return Policy.

Despite the challenges the above facts describe, we do our best to secure the best possible pricing for our Canadian Customers - after all we are Canadian muscle car enthusiasts too!

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